We understand that spending a long day at school is exhausting, and children deserve fun and productive afternoon. However, meeting kids’ individual enrichment needs places a strain on families that we strive to relieve by offering a variety of programs on-site.


By providing an assortment of classes, parents can avoid unnecessary travel and have their children’s needs met at a single location — in “One Stop.” We also emphasize traditional values such as harmony, honesty, patience, kindness, gratitude, responsibility, and respect. These elements help children achieve their goals academically and socially. Our teachers are experienced in working with children and have different areas of expertise. We understand that children often feel burdened by a long day away from home, so we strive to educate children in an enthusiastic and energetic way. Our teachers often join in and work on content together with the children. In an effort to create a positive learning environment, we recognize children not only for their academic performance but also for good manners and behavior.


After a long day of school, children deserve time to have fun and relax. At One Stop Learning Center, we offer daily snacks, board games, Legos, and outdoor play time. With the guidance of our loving and experienced teachers, we aim to make the children’s days happy and productive.