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About Us

Located in the city of Cupertino, One Stop Learning Center is a non-profit afternoon school program that is dedicated to provide an assortment of high-quality classes and activities for children between KG to Grade 5. Without commuting between different locations, students will be able to experience various learning opportunities in one single location. By providing a educational and loving learning environment, it is our goal to polish our students' precious childhood and build up good characters for their future.

As students are spending their time at our school, we strive to make every moment beneficial for them. Our classes are led by prestigious and professional instructors, and we emphasize an encouraging and enthusiastic teaching style. With a well balance of academic courses and enrichment classes, our students are able to improve in their academics and at the same time discover their talents and hobbies. Moreover, in order to provide a supportive environment, our classrooms are well-organized with equipment including individual laptops. Our stunning outdoor area is also a great reward to our students. They will be able to play and release their energy in our spacious open space during break time or at the end of the day. One Stop Learning Center is definitely a promising place that will nourish your child holistically. 

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