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Our Story

“Children get only one childhood, which is very precious.”


Our founder, Lillian, knew how important it was for children to have a fun and engaging learning environment that allowed them to thrive in their own way— especially with a daughter of her own. 


She searched and searched for the perfect after school program, one located in a non-enclosed space where her daughter could be free to be active and learn comfortably, but came up with no such luck. One day, an idea suddenly struck her mind:


“What if… I just came up with my own school?”


And that’s why she established One Stop Learning Center in 2017: A one-stop shop for all your after school care and educational needs. One Stop offers a wide range of academic and enrichment classes led by loving and experienced teachers who want nothing more than for each child to succeed. 


We made sure to find a beautiful campus for children to explore and play while learning at their own pace. Over the years, One Stop has added more outdoor courses led by professional instructors to continue creating a happy learning environment for children to relax physically and mentally.


We believe in loving what we’re doing, and doing what we love. 


We’re One Stop Learning Center: The one place to stop for life-lasting lessons.

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