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Our Campus

If you’re looking for a school with lush greenery, plenty of sunshine, and indoor/outdoor flexibility, look no further than our campus in Cupertino.

We opened our doors in 2017, with one goal in mind: To give our students the best learning experience possible.


And we’ve been doing it ever since.


From day one, we prided ourselves on offering a warm environment for children to learn and grow. We knew that if we could get them comfortable, relaxed and happy in a place where they could be themselves—where they could let go of the pressures of school and just be free—they would thrive.

We’re located right in the heart of the city, making it easy to get around town by foot, public transport, or car. The campus itself has a lot of space — it’s large enough to accommodate all students comfortably for our classes and workshops. 

We have a beautiful outdoor area for kids to play and study. Our green lawns are abundant and welcoming, with trees and plants surrounding the area. There is also a small playground adjacent to this space where children can run around freely during break time. In addition to all of this, we have a grand open hall and multiple separate rooms dedicated to our kindergarten kids and various other grade levels


We believe that every child deserves an education where they can be themselves, and learn to be their best selves. Give us a visit to see the beautiful campus yourself by scheduling a tour below.

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