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Our English classes include public speaking and creative writing. Through a variety of activities and projects, students are able to improve not only their comprehension skills but speech and critical thinking abilities as well.



Besides doing math practices in class, we also include activities and resources that can help students understand math concepts in more practical ways. It is our goal that all of our students will be able to catch up to the level of their grade or even beyond.


Whether your child is a native Chinese speaker or not, our experienced Chinese teachers are ready to share their knowledge. Students will be able to learn reading, writing, listening, and speaking in Chinese through our engaging and adjustable program.



We hope that our students can become resilient and understanding individuals in society. During our global studies sessions, we aim to broaden students' perspective by introducing topics that are relevant to geography, culture, and history. Students are often excited to learn and explore new things.


Our students have done a lot of amazing science experiments and projects. While they are great ways to trigger students' curiosity and awareness individually, they are also awesome chances where students can learn how to work with each other effectively.

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