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  • Do you offer school pick up service?
    School pick up is not a part of the after school program officially, however, we can help arrange pick up service with a designated driver. Parents will have to communicate with the driver for payments and details.
  • Do you offer a three-day or four-day program?
    We only provide a 5-days program as of now.
  • Are you open during Staff Learning Days and school breaks, and is there an additional charge for those days?
    We closely follow the school calendar of Cupertino Union School District. There is no extra charge for a child arriving from 2:30pm-6:00pm during those days. There will be an additional fee if you bring your child from 9:00am-2:30pm during non regular school days. For more details, please see the school calendar.
  • Do you have a sibling discount?
    Yes. Siblings are given a 10% discount.
  • Will kids have time to complete their homework at One Stop?
    Yes. Kids will have time to work on their homework at One Stop everyday. Depending on the amount of work, they may be able to finish all the homework in school.
  • What enrichment classes do you offer at One Stop? Do students have a choice in what classes to take?
    You can find our schedule and classes at: We have a set schedule for each grade. However, we also have additional elective classes that the students can sign up for on certain days.
  • Do you charge extra for the enrichment classes?
    Enrichment classes including Hip Hop, Yogo, Choir, Kung Fu, and Art are included in the after school program tuition. We also offer elective classes such as Advanced Art, Ukulele, Coding, etc with additional charges.
  • What is your tuition?
    For the 2023-2024 school year, the monthly tuition is $750. This includes all the academic classes and enrichment classes listed below under the enrichment class page.
  • What time do you close?
    Parents need to pick up their child no later than 6:30pm. If a child is picked up later than the scheduled pick-up time, parents shall be assessed a fine of $1.00 per minute for each minute after the scheduled pick-up time. Please notify us if you expect to be late. Notification will NOT waive late fees. Habitual late pick-ups may result in cancellation of admission.
  • Do you provide snacks?
    We will not be providing snacks. Students should bring their own snacks.
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